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The Editing Bard

Everyone Has A Story

Let me help you tell yours.

We've all been there. We finished the first draft of the story and now face the dreaded task of editing our books until we're blue in the face and so sick of looking at it that it's almost a relief when we get to put it down and step away from it.

​But is that how it's supposed to be? A chore?

​Let's face it, writing is friggin hard! Anyone who tells you it isn't is either lying to you or messing with your head (we authors do that, so don't bother denying it).

But writing is also one of the best-worst forms of torture you can put yourself through, which is why people continue to do it over and over and over and...you get the picture.

How do I know all this?

Because I'm also an author.

So what is it I do exactly? I help people tell their stories. I work with them to help them bring those stories that have been burning on their hearts and minds into the world so that they can be shared. Hear me now: Everyone has a story to tell.

You may have a hard time believing that, and I get it. The world has a way of telling people that they don't matter, no one wants to hear what they have to say, and that no one will care. I used to believe that, too, but not anymore.

That's why I love developmental editing and coaching so much; I get to pass on the knowledge I've gained through all my years of writing to others and help them avoid those common mistakes that every writer runs into. I help them enhance their stories, find their author voice, and their writing styles.

With me, you're getting much more than an editor. Anyone can sit down and edit words on paper until they're pretty and readable and make sense. That's not hard.

What is hard, however, is crafting a story that will enthrall your readers from the open line until they reach "The End".

As authors, we all want that, right? We want the readers to connect with the characters, the story, the experience; it means we've taken them on a journey; we made them feel something.

If you want just and editor, I know plenty. If you want a Bard (a storyteller), then you've come to the right place.

Strategi Story Planning

Strategic Story Planning

Whether you're planning your book or you've hit a roadblock and can't see where the heck it needs to go, these sessions will help you get clarity on your vision by talking through the story and looking at it from different angles.

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Developmental editing

Developmental Edit

I'll help bring your story to the next level by leaving inline comments to show you exactly where things can be improved, rather than saying, "You should fix the plot holes." *waves hands in vague gestures*. That's not helpful.

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My Mission:

To help you clarify your vision, build you up, and equip you with the tools you need to become the author you desire to be.

One chapter at a time.

About the Bard

Stephen helps authors create and polish their books through his work in the publishing industry and through his own platform at The Editing Bard. For years, Howard has devoted himself to helping authors put their best books forward, and now he's ready to help you with yours.