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DISCLAIMER: While good editing and coaching will give you a greater chance of success, purchasing a service through us is NOT a guarantee of publication, representation, favorable reviews, website traffic, manuscript requests, or book sales.

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Developmental Editing & Coaching Services

Have you completed your story and found yourself wondering if everything still flows correctly? Maybe you're wondering why you're struggling to sit down and write your story when you loved it in the beginning? Perhaps you have a story idea, but you have no idea how or where you are supposed to start it?

Whether you've been doing this for years or have only begun your writing journey, you will benefit from having a second pair of eyes on your story. Everyone has blind spots; especially when it comes to our stories, and investing in a developmental editor or story coach could be the thing you need to take your story from start to finish. There are no cookie-cutter checklists, wordlists, or copy/paste replies. Each client gets personalized content designed just for them where they are at.


Because of the level of personalization, I provide to you as a client, and the amount of time I get to invest in you as an author, I only work with a few clients at a time. This allows me the freedom to support you in the best way I can, and with the option for a payment plan, you can get the best plan to suit your needs.

The benefits of working with me as your developmental editor or coach: 


Heart: I want to see you succeed.

Passion: I'm committed to you and your story.

Honesty: I shoot straight, but I will never degrade you or your work.

Commitment: I will walk this writing journey with you.

A Fan: I will cheer for you no matter what.






S.D. Howard, The Bard

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Developmental Editing

As an author and avid reader who as helped authors with getting their stories back on track, I've learned to spot the plot holes, sniff out the vanilla characters, and find the parts in a story that fall flat. I'm not looking at grammar or punctuation, but rather the essence of the story.

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Story Coaching

As a writer, it can be overwhelming when trying to start your first story or even your twenty-first story. Sometimes you need help. 
If you're here, you are probably looking for someone to help you with a story idea that you've been pondering on, whether it be for a few days or many years. As an author myself, I can help you get your story going

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"Absolutely perfect communication great ideas and very constructive feedback. Delivery time very fast indeed. Will be back for more soon. Highly recommended."


— Nick

Getting Your Story Started Worksheets

A passion project of mine has been helping authors both young and old bring their stories to life. Since we all have a story to tell, I knew that it was important to encourage those around me to write theirs out, but most felt like they didn't know where to begin. That is when I decided to sit down and created a series of worksheets that would help authors get their story started.


While I am still in the process of creating the complete set, I have finished five of them, and I offer the first three for free when you sign up for updates. If you don't want to stay up to date with the worksheets coming out, you may purchase them in the store. The other worksheets will be available, and if you purchase any of my services, you will receive all the sheets currently available as well as each new one that comes out in the future.