What If...

Authors live in a world of "what ifs" every single day. It's part of what helps them build their worlds, characters, and stories. There is a darker side to it, however.

"What if...no one reads wants to read my story?"

"What if...my story isn't good enough?"

What if...I can't do it?"

Here's the truth: Those are just your fears talking.

The truth...is that there ARE people who will read your story.

The truth...is that your story WILL be good enough.

The truth...is that you have what it takes.

Writing is Hard

That's the cold hard truth of it, and while that may be the case, it doesn't mean it's impossible. Writing is a learned skill, which means that if you want it bad enough, you can learn to master it!

Here are the four things you need to succeed as an author:

1) Grit: It's tough and you need to be tougher. You're going to get looked down on by others, told you shouldn't be writing anything, and that you don't have what it takes. You gotta be tough mentally.

2) Determination: You've set a goal to accomplish something and you set your mind to it; there is no moving you from it.

3) Perseverance: You're going to press on because you have a goal and come hell or high water you're going to make it there! You will overcome anything that gets in your way.

4) Willingness to Learn: You don't know everything (I don't either, but don't tell my kids that!) and you shouldn't act like you do. There is always more to learn about writing, which is half the fun of it! It's the discovery of new things that forces you to grow and become better than you were before.

The Editing Bard is Different because...

  • I believe everyone has a story, even if they don't see it at the moment

  • I believe anyone can learn how to tell a story, even if they've never done it before

  • I believe that no one writes "garbage", it's merely practice for something greater

  • I'm going to teach you how to build a writing process that works for YOU

  • I'm going to teach you how to develop an Author Mentality that is unshakeable

  • I'm going to teach you how to craft a story that keeps the reader burning through the pages

What they do...

Not all developmental editors and story coaches are the same, and you'll find that it differs greatly from person to person on what it is they offer. Most, however, do the following: 

– Developmental Editors –

  • They offer a once through on the Manuscript

  • They will (sometimes) leave inline comments

  • They will (sometimes) write up a report or offer a call to discuss things

  • Have lots of different options that you cannot afford, but really need

– Story Coaches –

  • They will (sometimes) have a plan for you to follow

  • They usually charge an hourly rate (anywhere between $50-$125+)

  • They will not typically do developmental editing, so you have to do that later on (more expenses)

  • They don't do long term contracts

The Bard

What I do...

Instead of charging for a bazillion different things (almost all of which an author needs) I decided to break it down into two categories and undercut my competitors by offering better service and more value. Because as an author myself, I seek to give what I would want as a service.

– Developmental Edit –

  • Charge less per word than other editors (keeps it affordable)

  • List all the prices clearly

  • Calls at the beginning and end of the project to discuss the edits with unlimited emails in between

  • Commenting on a scene level so you know where the issues are

  • An overview that gives you a clear idea of where you did great and where you can improve

– Master Bard Mentoring –

  • You get developmental feedback on your story as we go

  • You get a writing process template to follow and make your own

  • Help building the world, characters, plot, and outline for the story

  • A tangible way to get your book done faster and with more confidence

  • Available for long term contracts with no "back out" fees attached.

I've been writing since I was a teenager, and over the years, I've gone through different stages in my writing; working full-time, getting married, and having kids tends to do that.

I wouldn't trade any of it for the world.

Ever since I was 17 I have wanted to run my own business and be able to make a living with my pen and imagination. I mean, what author doesn't want that, right?

Let me tell you, there is so much more to that dream than merely writing a book, slapping a cover on it, and then trying to sell it to someone.

The lessons I've learned since I started writing have been many, and believe me when I say I've made mistakes during the process; those mistakes taught me more than anything else. Well, that and not being afraid to fail, but that took a while!

If you're here, chances are you're a lot like me: you want to write books and get paid for them. That's not something to feel bad about, either. I want that for you as much as I want it for myself.

Because there is simply nothing better than telling a good story and having your readers love it.

Want More?

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