The mentoring falls somewhere between developmental editing and story coaching because we'll be doing some editing as we go along.

There are several stages where you might find yourself.

1) Beginning Concept: You have an idea but don't know how to turn it into a story, or you're close to finishing your first draft.

2) First Draft Status: You did it!...Now what? You may not be sure where to go from here or even if what you have is that good (we're our own worst critics, after all).

3) Forever Stuck: You've been working on this thing forever and can't seem to make progress with it no matter how hard you try.

Do any of those sound familiar?

— Master Bard Mentoring —

What Is It Exactly?

Firstly, I'm not a ghostwriter and I'll not be writing it for you. My job is to help you write your book, grow your author voice, find your style, and develop your writing skills. I while I will be typing out suggestions, you will actually be writing the book.

Secondly, I'm not a copywriter and I will not be fixing every misplaced comma. We're working on the story (i.e. plot, characters, world-building, arcs, and pacing to name a few). That will be more than enough, believe me.

In short, I'm going to show you how to tell the story you want to tell, even if you've never done it before in your life.

How Long Does It Take?

This is a year-long process and there will be many different facets to it.

Here's what it looks like at a glance:

  • Months 1-4: Building a writing process, getting characters fleshed out, outline roughly done up, and the first draft written. (Clients average 3 months to write their first drafts)

  • Month 4-5: We take a month to read through the first draft to look for plot holes we may have missed.

  • Month 6-12: We begin building your author platform, write the second draft, and begin to get you ready to publish your book. During this time, if you choose to go with the publisher I have an affiliation with then we aim for one of their three publishing cycles. 

These are estimates based on the average clients and wholely depends on you and how committed you are to the process because it's going to challenge you and require your time and effort. If you don't apply what you'll learn, it won't work, simple as that. While I can promise that the process will help you write your book faster and give you the wins you need to succeed, YOU are responsible for making it happen. I'm not writing your book for you; I'm not a ghostwriter, I'm your mentor.

What is the end goal? What's in it for you?

To have your book published, plain and simple. But before we get there we have to get the book finished, right? 

I've had clients ask me, "Do you own rights to my book?"

No, I do not. This book is 100% yours, any ideas or suggestions you apply does not give me any ownership rights to the book. 



Because I don't want to; it's not my book. It's yours.


Do you want to know what's in it for me?

You know that feeling you get as a parent when your child accomplished something big? Or maybe as a student when you nailed the exam that stood between you and your dream scholarship? That sense of satisfaction when you are in your later years and you know you left an impact in the world?

That's what I get out of this process. I get the satisfaction of watching my students "grow up" into the authors they desired to become, and knowing I helped them along the way. Knowing that I helped someone achieve their dream and made an impact in someone's life.

Master Bard Mentorship

Max: 90,000 words

Price: $7,000

The Master Bard Mentorship is the ultimate plan, designed to help authors bring their dreams to life by helping them through not only their first draft but the second one as well. In addition, you'll get my help with figuring out a publishing plan, book promotion, building an author platform AND free access to The Bard's Storytelling Academy.


  • Figuring out the best route to publishing based on your goals for your book*

  • Help with promoting your book through my platform (Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, website)

  • Guidance with building your own author platform (social media, email list, website, etc.)

  • FREE access to The Bard's Storytelling Academy

* I am affiliated with a hybrid publisher called New Degree Press and have freelanced for them through a partner program. Because I know them and have learned more about how they help authors with publishing, I have gotten permission to send my clients their way!

Let's be clear, this is NOT a promise you'll be published through them; it is, however, a direct line of access to getting your book looked at because they know you're coming through me. If you want to know more, schedule a consultation.

— Genres —

Like I mentioned on the other page, I specialize in Fantasy and Science Fiction, so naturally, if you bring me something within that area I'm going to gravitate towards it. I am not limited to that, however, and I've helped authors to write motivational, superhero, mystery, thrillers, and Victorian-era books! No matter the genre, telling a story clearly remains the same, and I can help you do that faster than you thought possible.

What I will mentor:

Fiction - fantasy, science fiction, Christian fiction, urban fantasy, superhero, dystopian, utopian, some paranormal, and others.

Non-fiction - accepted, but is limited to a client by client basis and what they are writing. Please contact me about your project!


What I will not mentor:

Anything with sexually explicit or graphic sex scenes (doesn't matter what genre), horror, erotica, anything that praises abusive/toxic relationships, pedophilia, or incest.

NOTE: This is not an extensive list, so if you have questions about something in your book we can discuss it prior to starting the project.

Hear me O Great Oracle!

I'm impressed, you've really caught on to this whole theme! Way to go! Now, it's time to take it to the next level, wouldn't you say? Fill out the info below and let's discuss your book!

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