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The Language of Loss

There is something devastatingly beautiful about the way we metamorphose through pain. In March of 2018, author Natalie Sanchez unexpectedly lost her dad. Since then, she’s been searching for new ways to navigate her difficult journey and rediscover joy. 

The Language of Loss is a collection of stories about the overwhelming heartache of grief and the way in which we grow through pain. Sanchez uses her own experiences as well as other stories of loss to help people in similar positions deal with their own grief.


Available in Kindle and Paperback

Natalie Sanchez, Author

Have a Good Mourning

Grieving doesn’t mean you must be consumed by grief. If you’re looking for unique ways to cope with the loss of a spouse, parent, child, family member or close friend, Have a Good Mourning is the book for you. You’ll discover transformational ways to mourn as you avoid the perpetual darkness that sometimes follows grief and heal even as you keep your loved one’s memory alive.



Available in Kindle and Paperback

Jennifer Hale, Author

Jennifer Garman, Author

Flourish: 7 Ways Gratitude Can Transform Your Life

While working in the medical field, studying the human brain, and training to be a life coach, Jennifer Garman discovered that gratitude was one of the biggest influencers of one’s health and happiness. After suffering a mystery illness for almost a decade, she began to experiment with this phenomenon and soon personally experienced the life-changing effects of shifting her thoughts to become a more positive person. What she learned was too valuable to keep to herself, so Garman set off to write Flourish: 7 Ways Gratitude Can Transform Your Life.



Available in Kindle and Paperback

Mary Newby, Author

Get with the Program: Computer Science Education Opportunity and Accessibility

Employment of computer and information technology occupations is projected to grow by 12 percent between 2018 and 2028. These occupations are projected to add about 546,200 new jobs. 

Get with the Program: Computer Science Education Opportunity and Accessibility promotes equitable opportunity and accessibility for all students to learn computer science skills—in the classroom, after school, or at home. 


Available in Kindle and Paperback

Peter Fargo, Author

A Million Prayers To Solve Our Climate Crisis 

Is climate change real? Does the Bible say anything about it? Are Christians called to help solve it? Yes. Climate change is already happening. It threatens God’s people—all of us, our children, and generations of unborn children. Climate change also threatens the rest of God’s creation. Although solving climate change can sometimes seem impossible, Christians need not despair.



Available in Kindle and Paperback


The Landry Chronicles: Exordium

"A new species has to find their place in the ruins of the worst war the world has ever seen. Ten years after the dust cleared, Jessie Forester and her siblings learn World War III was just the beginning."


Available in eBook and Paperback

Jenn Majus, Author

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