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Writer's Block. It is a writer's archnemesis more often than not, and it's surprisingly simple to overcome once you know what to look for. You're going to find easy to use tools that will help you break through The Wall known as Writer's Block and let you keep your story going. Who's ready?





A quick Google search will bring up about 27.1 million results on how to beat writer’s block, what it is, how it’s a lie, and how you can fix it in 7 easy steps. I’m not going to reinvent the wheel here, but rather walk with you through what I call the Wall. Because doesn’t it feel like that?


I’m not talking about going up to the gate and knocking, asking, “Pretty please may we go through?” kind of thing. I’m talking about an all-out siege complete with trebuchets, battering rams, and Greek-Fire. Oh yeah, the Wall is going down.

04: Getting Your Story Started Worksheet: Breaking Through Writer’s Block

  • PDF File

    Writer's Block is the bane of writers, and it seems like it comes in right as we are making strides in our story. Frustrating, no?


    This worksheet looks at the two reasons why we struggle with writer's block, and how we can address it so we make sure that it doesn't take us out of commission.