— What is Developmental Editing —

It is a hard look at the "big picture" of the story, such as the plot, the structure, the characters, the world-building, the flow, the pace...to name a few things. It's easily one of the most intensive forms of editing because you're having to look at so many different aspects of the story!

What people don't know (and I didn't either until I got into doing this type of editing) is that this is the first edit that should be done on a book because it affects everything else. Doesn't make much sense to worry about punctuation if that part of the story won't be there later on, does it?

And yet, that's what most authors tend to do; they spend countless hours editing all the wrong things, only to then realize that there is a huge plot hole that needs to be fixed. Talk about a bad day!

If you're going to be self-publishing your book, getting a developmental edit done is a must. Whether that's through me or any other number of editors out there, it's crucial to your story and making it the best it can possibly be.

Heck, I do this for a living and I still need a dev. editor to look at my stuff because I'm too close to my own work; I need that other pair of eyes on it that can spot the flaws.

If you're wanting to put your Best Book Forward, check out my prices and what all you get with it (it's more than other editors) and see if it meets your needs.

— What is a Story Coach —

In a similar way as the editing, authors don't know a whole lot about what a story coach is, what it is that they do, and how they can help you with your story.


They are your personal motivator who is going to help you develop your writing and storytelling skills and work with you to reach your goals. You're writing the story while they guide you through it.

Not every author needs a story coach (also known as a writing coach) and I don't believe that everyone HAS to have one. As with anything, it depends on the person. If you know how to do it or work better doing it yourself, a story coach isn't going to be a good fit for you.

If you're new to writing or have been stuck running in circles asking yourself, "Wat r werdz!?" and spending copious amounts of time on the internet reading all of the contradicting information out there, then a story coach might be the thing for you. 

Here's the thing with coaches: We don't pretend to have all the answers (that's the internets job).

Many coaches are fellow authors who have been through those same struggles that you are now facing and have found ways to overcome them and know how to teach that to others.

I've been telling stories since I was a teen, and I've learned a thing or two over the years; more importantly, I kick-butt in the area of creating processes that work and that people can use effectively. That's one of the many reasons I became a coach! To help authors bring their stories to life and put their Best Books Forward.

If you want to know more about how I do that, check out my mentoring packages.

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