Developmental Editing, Story Coaching & Writing Mentorship

Developmental Editing

When I'm doing an edit, I take a look at the big picture of your story to make sure everything is working and lining up how it should. That means I'm taking into account the plot, the characters, the flow, and the pace (to name a few things). 

Once the read-through is completed, I build a custom report that goes into detail about problem areas of your story.

I'll help bring your story to the next level by leaving inline comments to show you exactly where things can be improved, rather than saying, "You should fix the plot holes." *waves hands in vague gestures*. That's not helpful.

In addition, you get a call before and after the edit that will help me get your vision for the book and allow us to discuss the suggested edits once completed.

This type of editing is the most extensive editing because it's reading the full novel, looking at the big-picture strengths and weaknesses of the story, and coming up with a plan, based on the vision you have for it, to make it a reality. Unlike other Dev Editors, however, I provide more in-depth feedback by also looking at it from a reader's point of view, which is crucial to having it land with your audience.

As mentioned above, I will be leaving inline comments where things need to be either be adjusted or removed, while at the same time looking at the following:

  – Does the plot flow well?

  – Are the characters active/ do they have motivations / are they exciting or vanilla?

  – Is there a conflict or goal to drive the story?Are you info-dumping and slowing down the pace?

The inline comments will include reactions I have to the story as a reader, and if I think something is likely to hit home with your target audience. There will also be a Story Overview report that will vary in length based on the scope of your project and cover various categories that call attention to specific issues I found, notes, thoughts, and suggestions on how it might be improved.


My service rates are on average $.05 less than your standard developmental editor, who will typically charge between $.09 to $.12 per word for less detailed work than I provide. As I said, this is the most intensive editing out there, however, I believe it should also be affordable for people. I'm an author, too, and I want others to see their dreams come to life, but that won't happen if they're having to pay $4,500 for a 50k word project!

​Rate: $250 for projects of 10,000 in length

Rate: $800 for projects of 25,000 in length*

Rate: $1,500 for projects of 50,000 words in length*

Rate: $2,000 for projects of 75,000 words in length*

Rate: $2,500 for projects of 100,000 in length*

Rate: $3,200 for projects of 125,000 in length*

"Okay, great," you might be thinking. "What if my project is between those?"

​Easy, I give you a custom quote to fit your story. It's that simple.

​*Payment plan available. $300 non-refundable deposit required (goes towards the total cost of the project) to secure your place.

Story Coaching

Whether you're planning your book or you've hit a roadblock and can't see where the heck it needs to go, these sessions will help you get clarity on your vision by talking through the story and looking at it from different angles.

Here's what I do:

    – Help building the world, characters, plot, and outline for the story

    – Give you tangible way to get your book done faster and with more confidence

    – I'm going to teach you how to build a writing process that works for YOU

    – I'm going to teach you how to develop an Author Mentality that is unshakeable

    – I'm going to teach you how to craft a story that keeps the reader burning through the pages

One-Hour Strategy Session


What We Cover:

Review of where you're currently at

Review of writing process

Rough outline for story

Clarifying your vision for the book


By paying for this service you are agreeing to the Terms of Use

You will hear from me within 2 business days of purchasing.

If you purchase over the weekend, you will hear back on the next business day.

Six Hours Worth of Strategy Sessions


What We Cover:

Review of written work up to 2500k words

FREE worksheets to help you plan your story faster

Look at characters and their arcs

Deeper plot diagnosis

Developing Author Mindset

Customized writing goals


By paying for this service you are agreeing to the Terms of Use

You will hear from me within 2 business days of purchasing.

If you purchase over the weekend, you will hear back on the next business day.

Eight Hours Worth of Strategy Sessions


What We Cover:

Review of the first 2 chapters w/inline comments on how to improve

FREE worksheets to help you plan your story faster

FREE In-depth character beliefs template

Customized writing goals

Advice on publishing goals


By paying for this service you are agreeing to the Terms of Use

You will hear from me within 2 business days of purchasing.

If you purchase over the weekend, you will hear back on the next business day.

Writing Mentorship

Max: 90,000 words

Price: $7,000

The Writing Mentorship is the ultimate plan, designed to help authors bring their dreams to life by helping them through not only their first draft but the second one as well. In addition, you'll get my help with figuring out a publishing plan, book promotion, building an author platform AND inside knowledge of the publishing process of New Degree Press*.



    – Figuring out the best route to publishing based on your goals for your book*

    – Help with promoting your book through my platform (Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, website)

    – Guidance with building your own author platform (social media, email list, website, etc.)

    – Developmental editing as you go, thus helping you improve your writing faster

    – 1v1 coaching through the process when you're ready to call it quits

* I am affiliated with a hybrid publisher called New Degree Press and have freelanced with them for over a year now and am currently having my book published through them. Because I know them and have learned more about how they help authors with publishing, I have gotten permission to send my clients their way! That means I can help you tailor your book to increase the chances of it being accepted!

Let's be clear, this is NOT a promise you'll be published through them; it is, however, a direct line of access to getting your book looked at because they know you're coming through me. If you want to know more, contact me.

How Long Does It Take?

This is a year-long process and there will be many different facets to it. Here's what it looks like at a glance:

  • Months 1-4: Building a writing process, getting characters fleshed out, outline roughly done up, and the first draft written. (Clients average 3 months to write their first drafts)
  • Month 4-5: We take a month to read through the first draft to look for plot holes we may have missed.
  • Month 6-12: We begin building your author platform, write the second draft, and begin to get you ready to publish your book. During this time, if you choose to go with the publisher I have an affiliation with then we aim for one of their three publishing cycles. 

These are estimates based on the average clients and wholly depends on you and how committed you are to the process because it's going to challenge you and require your time and effort. If you don't apply what you'll learn, it won't work, simple as that. While I can promise that the process will help you write your book faster and give you the wins you need to succeed, YOU are responsible for making it happen. I'm not writing your book for you; I'm not a ghostwriter, I'm your mentor.

What is the end goal? What's in it for you?

To have your book published, plain and simple. But before we get there we have to get the book finished, right? 

I've had clients ask me, "Do you own rights to my book?" No, I do not. This book is 100% yours, any ideas or suggestions you apply does not give me any ownership rights to the book. 

Why? Because I don't want to; it's not my book. It's yours. Do you want to know what's in it for me?

You know that feeling you get as a parent when your child accomplished something big? Or maybe as a student when you nailed the exam that stood between you and your dream scholarship? That sense of satisfaction when you are in your later years and you know you left an impact in the world?

That's what I get out of this process. I get the satisfaction of watching my students "grow up" into the authors they desired to become, and knowing I helped them along the way. Knowing that I helped someone achieve their dream and made an impact in someone's life.