Have you ever wanted to write a book, but you've told yourself, "I don't know how to write"?

Have you found yourself daydreaming about the storyline, the characters, and the world, but you told yourself "I don't know where to start'?


Join The Bard's Storytelling Academy course where I'll be bringing you on a journey of writing stories. 

About the Academy

Writing has been a part of human history for a long, long time, and in our modern times with the help of the internet, it's become...complicated. One Google search and you'll find millions of hits on how to write a book, and less than half of them are probably worth your time.
That's because they miss the most important aspect of writing; it's not the mechanics, the grammar, the punctuation (while those are important). It's the storytelling.

That is what the Academy is all about! How to tell a friggin awesome story that will blow the reader's minds and leave them wanting more. Because as authors, that's what we really want, right?

What You'll Learn

Learn Tips & Tricks

I've learned a lot about writing over the years; what works, what doesn't, and how to manage to avoid those nasty pitfalls...and there is still more to learn!
As I learn, you'll get the benefit of learning them too.

Learn To Write Faster

I've developed a writing plan template that ANYONE can use to take their writing to the next level and write their stories faster.

Become Part of The Community

Not only will you get access to the video courses, but you will also get instant access to the Facebook group where you can find a community of writers doing what you're doing!

Reads Want One Thing...

And that's a good story. Far too often, though, authors rush their books and try and self-publish before they're ready, leading to sub-par books. 

Not you, however.


No, if you were like the others you wouldn't be here! You're going to pass the others because you've worked hard AND smarter.

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